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This month, you can read the story of my great-uncle Percy James Woolgar. I have added a new installment to Ivy's Story, covering the First World War and her life up until her marriage in 1922. I have also uploaded my memories of my childhood in Shirley, Surrey in the 1960s and 1970s.

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This month I can offer you the story (so far) of the 1/16th of my ancestry that comes from Norfolk. I have also shared some housework memories. Given my attitude towards housework, these are brief. I have added the story of Frederick's games box, which turns out to have probably not been Frederick's at all, at least not initially. Last year, as part of a postgraduate certificate in Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture, I completed an assignment about the family photograph album. I have adapted this slightly and added it to the Treasures' page as a rather different approach to a family heirloom.

What's New on Granny's Tales

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This month I have added two new stories. The first is the account of how, after 37 years, I discovered the parentage of my 6x great grandfather. You also have the story of Alice and May; two ladies with no living descendants whose memory needs to be preserved.

On the Treasures page, I have added the Smith family gowns and the things that are lurking on my kitchen, most of which have been there for more than forty years and some of which are older than I am. You can also find my memories of my childhood in Addiscombe.

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