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Granny's Tales

Here are some stories of our ancestors

Click on the images below to be taken to a pdf of the story. I am gradually adding most of these so that they can be viewed in a page format, as an alternative. If the titles are underlined you can click to be taken to the page. A few stories will be too long to display as a pages and in some cases, there may be more pictures in the pdf version.


My Life in Seven Censuses

Elizabeth Ann Hogg 1912

A brief look at my grandparents and what traits I may have inherited from them.

Me in April 1981

A summary of where I was living and what I was doing each time the census enumerator came to call.

The Maternal Line

Mary Archer Dawson née Bowyer 1830-1919.jpg

There are eleven generations in the direct female line in our family. This is a short account of the eight generations that came before me.

The Leighton Sisters

Ada Florence Leighton 1870-1963

This is the story of five sisters, the first cousins of my maternal grandmother. Only one of the sisters married and they left no descendants.

Alice and May's Story

Alice Hart née Dawson and May Bula Dawson aka Hart

The story of 'Auntie Alice' (actually my grandmother's aunt) and 'Cousin May' about whom there were several family stories, most of which were untrue.

Our Norfolk Ancestry

Great Yarmouth Minster

A sixteenth of my ancestry, the forebears of my great great grandmother, Anne Balls Bulley, is rooted in the county of Norfolk. This is the story of the Bulleys and the associated families of Purday, Daines, Wasey, Coates, Turner, Smith and Low.

Ivy Woolgar's Story

The life story of my grandmother Ivy Woolgar, from her birth in the south London suburbs in 1893 to the outbreak of the Second World War. Her later life will appear here shortly.

The Search for Samuel Braund

Sundial carved by Samuel Braund

The story of how, after a thirty-seven year search, I found the parents of my 6x great grandfather, Samuel Braund.

Ann Stratford's Story

Ann Howe née Stratford 1834-1911

This is Ann Stratford's story. The street in Buckinghamshire where she lived was to be my home for three years.

Catherine Seear's Story

Catherine Seear

A brief account of the life of my great grandmother Catherine Smith née Seear. This will be added to later.

St. Cuthbert's, Norham

Our Northumbrian Ancestry - The Hogg and Pearson Families

View from Thockrington church.JPG

This is the story of the Eadingtons from Northumberland, the branch of the family that gives me potential links to Scottish ancestry.

An eighth of my ancestry, the ancestors of my great grandfather, John Hogg, comes from Northumberland. This story covers the Hogg and Pearson families. See also the story of the Eadingtons.

Uncle Percy's Story

Percy James Woolgar 1918

The story of my great uncle Percy James Woolgar 1891-1963.

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