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Easier Access to Granny's Tales

My nearest and dearest, who I was kind of hoping might actually read this site, pointed out that it was difficult to access the pdfs on a phone. I have taken the plunge and converted this to a paid site, so I can now include more content. I have started making the pdfs also available as pages, accessed by clicking on the titles. Hopefully, this will mean that phone users will be more inclined to read what is there. Some of the documents with larger numbers of pictures will take me longer to convert and a few may just be too large but I will do my best to gradually convert the pdfs to pages.

All the treasures are currently packed up ready for me to move house, so I have concentrated on memories this time. You can now read about my memories of how we kept clean and healthy and also about what I remember of Croydon, the 'big town' of my childhood and teenaged years.

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