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 Granny's Tales and Treasures

Telling the stories of the past to preserve them for the future

This site was set up for my descendants, so that I could tell the stories of my family that I have collected over the past six decades. Some are stories that were told to me, many I have created as the result of research. Of course, I love to tell the stories in person and I will continue to do this but there are just too many stories and there is too little time. Memories are fallible and I want to leave a lasting legacy. I have also included extracts from my autobiography on the memories page. 

I am privileged to be the current custodian of many family treasures. None have any intrinsic value but they too have stories that also need to be told. Some of these heirlooms are not currently in my possession but they are still part of my heritage and that of my descendants, they therefore find a place here.

I have also outlined some of our family's history. Of course, my descendants carry DNA that I do not share. They have connections to other families that also have stories and treasures that need to be preserved. For now, this site is dedicated to my own ancestry. In future, perhaps I will be able to include these other families too.

If you have arrived here and are not one of my descendants, you are most welcome. Please consider preserving your own family heritage in a similar way. Click on the circles below to start exploring.


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Granny's Treasures

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Granny's Memories

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About our Family

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