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Philip and Mary's Ring

Philip and Mary's Ring

My great great grandparents, Philip Woolgar and Mary Cardell, married at St Mary’s Church, Hornsey, Middlesex on 1 May 1841 and set up home in Turnpike Road, Finchley.

A ring has been passed down in the family since that time. It was handed to me by my ‘Auntie Olive’, who was my mother’s cousin, because I was the eldest girl in my generation. Olive too was the eldest surviving girl but I don’t know who had custody of the ring prior to Olive. Ada Leighton was the eldest of Philip and Mary’s granddaughters, perhaps it was given to her and then handed to Olive after Ada’s death in 1963. It is not mentioned in any family wills.

Philip Woolgar

Philip Woolgar c.1818-1884

Mary Woolgar née Cardell

Mary Cardell c.1817-1892

The ring is engraved with the intertwined initials, P, M and a larger W and will only fit on my little finger. I do wear it occasionally but I am terrified of losing it. Olive told me that when it was given to her, the ring had hair wound round the centre but she removed it as it made her uncomfortable. I so wish she hadn’t.

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