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Welcome to Granny's Tales

As it says on the home page, this site is primarily for my descendants but if anyone else is interested, you are very welcome. I have set this up as a way of sharing stories, memories, snippets of family history and information about the family treasures; the kind of detail that turns 'things' into heirlooms. I don't anticipate that this will become a regular blog but I will use it to announce additions to the site. For more about me, you can go to my website The History Interpreter.

I hope those who take a look at Granny's Tales will consider doing something similar for their own family.

Clara's Patchwork Quilt

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1 Comment

Apr 27, 2023

This is very inspiring. I have done some work on our family history over the years and love your way of telling stories. Thank you for sharing. I live in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario.

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