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Surname Wordcloud

There wasn't space to include all the surnames of my known direct ancestors on the diagram above, so here is a complete list.

ADDAMS St. Mellion and St. Germans, Cornwall 1650-1700

ARCHER Stanford Rivers, Essex 1725-1850

BAKER Ditchling, Sussex 1725-1850

BARKER Sandon and Great Baddow, Essex 1725-1850

BARTLETT Lezant, Cornwall 1650-1725

BELL Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire 1675-1775

BENNET Stoke Climsland, Cornwall 1725-1800

BISHOP Buckland Monochorum, Devon 1675-1775 Bere Ferrers, Devon 1750-1900

BODYE Botus Fleming, Cornwall 1600-1675

BOUND Callington, Cornwall 1700-1800 St. Stephens, Saltash, Cornwall 1750-1800

BOWDEN Mary Tavy, Devon 1575-1650 Bere Ferrers, Devon 1650-1750

BOWMAN Sampford Spinney, Devon 1625-1700

BOWYER Bobbingworth, Epping and Writtle, Essex 1700-1900

BRAUND Northlew, Devon 1650-1750 Menheniot and Quethiock, Cornwall 1700-1800 Landulph, Cornwall 1800-1900

BUCKINGHAM Lewannick and North Hill, Cornwall 1700-1875

BULLEY Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 1700-1825

BURN Buckland Monochorum, Devon 1725-1825

CARDELL Highgate and Hornsey, Middlesex 1775-1875

CHANDLER St. Germans, Cornwall 1650-1725

CHILTON Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire 1700-1800 Great and Little Kimble, Buckinghamshire 1800-1875

CLIFT Landulph, Cornwall 1750-1850

COATES Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 1700-1800

COOPER Writtle, Essex 1725-1775

COWL Sydenham Damerel, Devon 1700-1725 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall 1725-1775

CROW Manuden, Essex 1525-1600

CUDLIPE Mary Tavy, Devon 1550-1625

DAINES Norwich, Norfolk 1725-1825 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 1675-1750

DAV(E)Y Lewannick, Cornwall 1700-1775

DAWSON Great Baddow, Essex 1750-1900

DEACON Landulph, Cornwall 1725-1875 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall 1650-1775

DERRY St. Cleer, Cornwall 1625-1725

DILLING North Hill and South Petherwin, Cornwall 1700-1850

DINGLE St. Mellion, Cornwall 1675-1750

DODD Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire 1725-1800

EADINGTON Alnwick and Norham, Northumberland 1725-1825

EDLIE Lezant, Cornwall 1575-1650

ELFORD Mary Tavy, Devon 1550-1725

ELSON aka NORTON Writtle, Essex 1625-1725

FITCH Writtle, Essex 1725-1825

FLEET Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire 1750-1850

GALE Ditchling, Sussex 1700-1775

GEACH St. Mellion and St. Dominick, Cornwall 1650-1750

GODFREY Black Bourton, Oxfordshire 1725-1800

GRAVENEY Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire 1700-1800

HAWKINS East Hanningfield, Essex 1600-1700

HILL St. Stephens, Saltash, Cornwall 1700-1775

HITCHINS Bere Ferrers, Devon 1775-1850

HOGG Morpeth, Northumberland 1825-1900 Thockrington, Northumberland 1775-1850

HOWE Stone and Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire 1800-1900

JEFFERY Quethiock, Cornwall 1775-1850

JENKIN St. Stephens, Saltash, Cornwall 1700-1825

JOHNS Bere Ferrers, Devon 1675-1825

KENNER North Hill, Cornwall 1700-1800 South Petherwin, Cornwall 1625-1750

KINGHAM Monks Risborough and Horsenden, Buckinghamshire 1675-1775 Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire 1725-1825 Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire 1800-1850

KINSMAN Buckland Monochorum, Devon 1750-1825

LAMBALL Black Bourton, Oxfordshire 1725-1825 Bampton, Oxfordshire 1750-1850

LAMBON Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire 1700-1775

LANG St. Stephens, Saltash, Cornwall 1700-1775

LAUNDRY St. Mellion, Cornwall 1750-1850

LITTLEJOHN St. Stephens, Saltash, Cornwall 1750-1825

LOW Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 1675-1750

LUCAS Landulph, Cornwall 1575-1650

LUCAS Menheniot, Cornwall 1700-1800

MATHER Norham, Northumberland 1750-1825

MILDREN St. Mellion, Cornwall 1750-1825

MONKE Manuden, Sheering and Roxwell, Essex 1525-1675

NEWTON Waddesdon, Buckinghamshire 1700-1800

NICHOLLS/NICHOLAS St. Stephens, Saltash, Cornwall 1725-1875

NICHOLLS Sheepstor, Devon 1700-1775

NORTON aka ELSON Writtle, Essex 1625-1725

OAKES Roxwell, Essex 1675-1775

OLIVER Norton Mandeville and Writtle, Essex 1725-1875

OUGH St. Cleer, Callington, Cornwall 1650-1750 St. Germans and Landrake, Cornwall1750-1850

PALMER Writtle, Essex 1725-1775

PASCOE St. Stephens, Saltash, Cornwall 1700-1825

PEARSON Warkwarth, Northumberland1825-1875 Alnwick, Northumberland 1775-1825 Widdrington, Northumberland 1750-1825

POOLY Menheniot, Cornwall 1700-1800

PURDY Stokesby with Herringby and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 1750-1875

PUTTNAM Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire 1750-1825

PYNNER Plymouth, Devon 1600-1675

RICHARDSON Stebbing and Great Baddow, Essex 1725-1800

RICKARD St. Germans, Cornwall 1725-1800

ROBERTS Botus Fleming and St. Stephen’s, Saltash, Cornwall 1600-1750 Landrake, Cornwall 1750-1850

ROLPH Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire 1725-1850

ROOSE Lezant, Cornwall 1600-1750

SAMMEL/SAMBLE Bere Ferrers, Devon 1700-1800

SAMBLE St. Germans, Cornwall 1600-1725

SAMBELL Landulph, Cornwall 1575-1775

SEEAR St. Albans and Hemel Hempstead HRT 1725-1875 Stoke Newington, Middlesex  1750-1900

SHEERS Menheniot, Cornwall 1750-1850

SKELTON Landulph, Cornwall 1625-1675

SMAYLE Landulph, Cornwall 1650-1750

SMITH Hammersmith and Hackney, Stoke Newington 1775-1900 Kingston on Thames, Surrey 1750-1850 Ipswich, Suffolk 1820-1850

SMITH Ditchling, Sussex 1750-1825

SMITH Quethiock, Cornwall 1700-1775

SMITH Stokesby with Herringby, Norfolk 1725-1800

SPEARE Lezant, Cornwall 1500-1650

SPILLER Mary Tavy, Devon 1650-1725

SPRY(E) Plymouth, Devon 1550-1675

STAPLE Halton, Buckinghamshire 1675-1775

STEER St. Dominick, Cornwall 1600-1675

STRATFORD Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire 1700-1875

STROUT Landulph, Cornwall 1675-1775

SWEBY Halton, Buckinghamshire 1700-1800

THORN South Hanningfield, Essex 1750-1850

THURROGOOD South Hanningfield, Essex 1750-1875

TURNER Little Melton, Norfolk 1725-1775

UDY Quethiock, Cornwall 1700-1800

VINAL Ditchling, Sussex 1700-1825

WADGE South Petherwin, Cornwall 1650-1700

WALDER Henfield, Sussex 1750-1825

WALTER St. Dominick, Cornwall 1600-1675

WASEY Stokesby with Herringby and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 1725-1800

WELLS Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire 1700-1750

WHITE St. Mellion and St. Dominick, Cornwall 1675-1750

WILLS Mary Tavy, Devon 1625-1675

WINDATT North Hill, Cornwall 1725-1850

WINLEY Writtle, Essex 1625-1750

WOOLGAR Henfield, Sussex 1725-1850

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